Message From Our CEO

Peace and blessings family! Street Corner Resources is really beginning to take shape with an array of services including cure violence education, education and employment training and daily living resources and referrals. Our most popular initiatives include the I Am Peace Movement, the Peace Cafe, our book club, I work, learn and grow programs at our music studio, our very own radio show, Street Corner Resources Live and more recently the Peace Beast.!  Our goal is to enhance the lives of our young people  all over Harlem.

If you’re ever in the area, please feel free to visit our office at 151 W. 145th St. We’d also love to have you out to our Peace Cafe, the last Friday of every month. Looking forward to seeing you.

IESHA SEKOU – CEO and Founder

About Street Corner Resources

Street Corner Resources (SCR) was born out of a concern over gun violence and gang activity amongst Harlem’s youth. In 2005, Iesha Sekou, a long-standing community activist, decided to start a non-profit organization that would engage youth and provide them with the resources to help them develop holistically and serve as a positive alternative against the ongoing trend towards violence in urban neighborhoods.

Since its inception, Street Corner Resources has lived up to its name by providing multiple resources to community youth. SCR’s activities include workshops, (Rekindling the Inner Spirit to Succeed, the Male Box Group Series, Financial Literacy), a very active street presence (Speak Peace Forward and Occupy The Corners), and the installation of the first I AM PEACE Music Studio located within a Harlem High School.

Street Corner Resources’ most recent initiative is the Cure Violence program in Central Harlem. In addition, we are proud to offer Professional Mental Health Services, Employment and Education Services, Legal Aid and other supportive and wrap-around services.

SCR’s history continues to be written, as Iesha Sekou and her SCR team endeavor to bring peace and improvement to our neighborhoods.


Meet The Team

Iesha Sekou







Violence Interpreter


SM & Communications


Outreach / Hospital Responder


Outreach / Hospital Responder


Outreach / Hospital Responder


I’m Iesha sekou 

Founder & Ceo

Iesha Sekou is the Founder and CEO of Street Corner Resources, Inc.

Throughout Iesha’s professional career, she has been engaged in providing resources which assist youth and adults in self-development. Whether through music, education or employment, Iesha finds ways to creatively inspire those in her presence to fulfill their God-given potential. Congressman Charles Rangel proclaimed her a visionary whose work has made a significant impact on the Harlem community.  She is a dynamic and powerful motivational public speaker and is one of the premier New York advocates encouraging youth to eliminate gun and gang violence.  Iesha has used her network and media savvy to effectively rally political and grassroots support against gun and gang violence in every borough of New York City, and in Chicago and Washington DC.

Iesha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach Florida. Her career began in education, which explains her relentless enthusiasm to uplift and empower young people.

Her honors include:

  • Congressional recognition and a Congressional Proclamation from the U. S. House of Representatives.
  • The New York Manhattan Borough President’s Trailblazer Award, a proclamation for service to youth.
  • A citation for service and leadership from the New York City Council.

Additionally, Iesha’s accomplishments include:

  • In 2013, after the horrific Sandy Hook school massacre, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reached out to Iesha and Street Corner Resources, Inc., for input on creating the toughest state gun laws in the country.
  • Reverend Al Sharpton named Iesha Sekou as Anti-Violence Coordinator for the National Action Network.
  • The New York Police Department has routinely invited Iesha Sekou to address its new recruits on community respect and interaction.
  • Iesha Sekou is a member of the New York State Department of Education Blue Ribbon committee to create policy and propose legislation to ensure the success of African-American and Latino males in the public school system.
  • Iesha Sekou was appointed as a special representative to the United Nations on community policing.
  • Iesha’s career has included extensive work in developing pathways to meaningful employment for populations historically marginalized from the workplace.She has developed workshops that inspire participants to understand the power of their own talents and inner-drive.
  • Iesha’s persuasive personality and unique skill for motivating at-risk-youth, has proved invaluable in successfully turning many, who would have otherwise been deemed irrecoverable, into conscious, law-abiding young adults.

“We must give young people an outlet to redirect their energy,” is what you can hear her say on any given day. In conjunction with Harlem Renaissance High School, the Street Corner Resources I AM Peace studio was erected.  It has become a safe-haven where young people go to discuss everyday issues that constantly plague inner-city youth. The studio also serves as a place for youth to safely gather and create positive peace inspired music.

Iesha is documented in Columbia University’s Activist Women Voices, highlighting her work with young women and her efforts to assist them in avoiding teen pregnancy while acquiring a better self-image.

She is also the host of Street Corner Resources LIVE, a community affairs radio show which airs every Monday from 8-9 a.m. on WHCR 90.3 FM.

In her down time, Iesha enjoys reading a good book, writing, listening to music, traveling and talking with elders in the community.  She is originally from the South Bronx and has lived in Harlem for the past 30 years.


I’m Abdul-Kareem


Meet Abdul-Kareem Muhammad, our Administrative Coordinator. Kareem joined the SCR team almost 4 years ago looking for an opportunity to apply his finance skills and experience to an organization that relentlessly works for the benefit of the Harlem community.

Since working at SCR, Kareem has gained a newfound respect for the many individuals in City government working earnestly to improve the lives of NYC residents through programs like Cure Violence & the Crisis Management System. He notes that the work they are doing, utilizing government programs to address vital needs in communities across NYC, is not only necessary, but oftentimes thankless.

While Kareem came to SCR with a host of valuable skills, he admits he’s learned quite a bit on the job, including automated time and attendance, drafting employee policy, budgeting and grant writing all great skills to add to your workplace tool kit.

Some of his most memorable moments include; SCR events like the Health and Wellness Fair, Peace Café and Grand Opening of Office at 145th Street. Kareem is a proud SCR staff member and enjoys interacting with staff and participants, especially witnessing their success.

If asked, Kareem will tell you he is most passionate about his faith and having a positive impact on the community. If you’re ever in the area stop by and say hello. He’s one for the first faces you’ll see.


I’m Josh

Outreach Supervisor

Say what’s up to Josh, our Outreach Supervisor. Josh saw a need in the community and came to SCR eager to make a difference. Knowing that he could be a positive influence to the team and peers on the streets, he worked hard despite the adversity. Since joining the team, he’ll admit that working at SCR has convinced him that success is 99% attitude. If asked, he’ll admit his passion is fueled by service, which is why knowing he is helping others in the community live in peace remains one of his biggest accomplishments. One of his most enjoyable moments during his time with SCR was the big reveal of the Peace Beast. If you look closely, you might see him standing proud, on SCRs signature mobile unit.


I’m Cory

Violence Interpreter

Meet sir Cory. He literally found SCR by chance after strolling by the office. Intrigued by the name he peeked in to see what the organization was all about. And let’s just say the rest is history. Since his time as a Violence Interpreter with SCR he has learned that discipline and patience are key when building positive and meaningful relationships with today’s youth.

Cory is passionate about giving back to the very community that holds so many memories from his childhood.

Street Corner Resources’ annual Health Fair is dear to Cory and is easily noted as one of his most enjoyable moments. knowing those in his community now have options, puts a smile on his face.


I’m Tanae

SM & Communications

Say hello to Tanae, our Social Media and Communications Liaison, she’s the muscle behind our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (follow us!). Tanae is a testament to the love that Iesha Sekou has for community youth. Tanae met Iesha as a teenager and admits she couldn’t be where she is today without her. Since joining the team, Tanae admits she’s learned to be a better role model which has helped her to view the world and issues differently. 


I’m Kieth

Outreach / Hospital Responder

Meet Kieth, like his Team members he came to SCR with the hopes of helping with the fight against violence on Harlem streets. He’s learned that staying on purpose is key to being successful at his job and credits the work he does for empowering him to stand up when it matters most. He has a passion for writing and of course his community. His most enjoyable SCR moment, well that’s easy, learning new things and helping others become a better person with the help of the many workshops Street Corner Resources offers.


I’m Brian

Outreach / Hospital Responder

Say hey to Brian. Brian came to SCR with the hopes of helping the community by minimizing the violence that many Harlem youth have normalized. During his short time as an employee, he understands that all most people want is to be talked to and understood. He’s convinced honest, open conversation is key to putting a stop to gun violence in the community. What drives him most is knowing that he can be monumental in helping community youth understand that there is always a way out of every situation, all the need is the will to do better.


I’m Elyas

Outreach / Hospital Responder

Elyas came to SCR with hopes of influencing change. He knows that his involvement is key in helping to make a difference. As part of the SCR Street Team, he has learned to pay close attention to every person and situation as they take place on the streets. Sometimes that means having a knack for engaging people on the street. Most times small gestures like saying hello make all the difference. He’s most passionate about raising awareness about the idea that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And that is the first step to curing violence worldwide. His most enjoyable moment with SCR has been working alongside his Street Team members and seeing the expressions of the people they meet. He loves to see faces light up when they explain the work they do for the good of the community.