Get Involved

If you’re excited about the work we do at Street Corner Resources and are asking “How Can I Help?’ you’ve come to the right place. Any and all support is needed, how you choose to support is up to you.


You can be sure that your donation will be put to good use. Your contributions support programs and services essenting in helping Harlem youth become positive decision-makers in our community and workforce. All donations are tax-deductable.


By becoming a sponsor, you’ll help to support special events such as our Peace Cafe, Health and Wellness Fair, workshops and forums and our I Am Peace studio that supports young people in creating positive music. All sponsorships are tax-deductable.


Whether it’s helping with events like the Peace Cafe, at schools or in the office, we need more people like you. If you are interested in donating your time for a good cause, get in touch today to see where you can help.


Our community is filled with talent. And we need that talent. If you offer services that our team or participants would benefit from, we need you. Let’s chat to see what you’re offering and where it fits in our organization. Call us to set up time to chat.

You have a role to play


Street Corner Resources is always in need of help in raising funds to support the organization’s mission. If you have experience in event planning or fundraising, We’d love to speak with you.