Impacting Harlem Youth and Combating gun and gang violence one block at a time

Our Mission

Street Corner Resources seeks to create a more peaceful community by providing teenagers and young adults greater access to real employment, education, training and other resources to assist them as they strive for success.

Welcome to SCR

Welcome to the virtual home of Street Corner Resources (SCR). Just like on the streets of Harlem, you can find us championing change for peace and working hard to combat gun and gang violence on New York City streets. The catchment area of 137th to 145th streets is our primary focus, but you’ll find us representing throughout Harlem. Our hope is that we inspire change and good will. If you see us on your block, be sure to stop us and say what’s up.

335 People Served Daily
150 Daily Street Team Outreach
12 Participants in College
1094 Days no Homocide

How Can You Help?

Get In Touch

If you have questions are want to hear more about what we do, our doors are always open you can stop by our office or send us an email to learn more.

Become a Volunteer

We are stronger because of you. To volunteer to help in our quest for a more peaceful Harlem send us your contact information. We’ll be in touch.

Donate Today

Harlem streets are safer thanks to the services/programs we provide. Support from people like you helps keep our doors open. Consider a tax-deductible donation today.