I’m Iesha sekou 

Founder & Ceo

Iesha Sekou is the Founder and CEO of Street Corner Resources, Inc.

Throughout Iesha’s professional career, she has been engaged in providing resources which assist youth and adults in self-development. Whether through music, education or employment, Iesha finds ways to creatively inspire those in her presence to fulfill their God-given potential. Congressman Charles Rangel proclaimed her a visionary whose work has made a significant impact on the Harlem community.  She is a dynamic and powerful motivational public speaker and is one of the premier New York advocates encouraging youth to eliminate gun and gang violence.  Iesha has used her network and media savvy to effectively rally political and grassroots support against gun and gang violence in every borough of New York City, and in Chicago and Washington DC.

Iesha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach Florida. Her career began in education, which explains her relentless enthusiasm to uplift and empower young people.

Her honors include:

  • Congressional recognition and a Congressional Proclamation from the U. S. House of Representatives.
  • The New York Manhattan Borough President’s Trailblazer Award, a proclamation for service to youth.
  • A citation for service and leadership from the New York City Council.

Additionally, Iesha’s accomplishments include:

  • In 2013, after the horrific Sandy Hook school massacre, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reached out to Iesha and Street Corner Resources, Inc., for input on creating the toughest state gun laws in the country.
  • Reverend Al Sharpton named Iesha Sekou as Anti-Violence Coordinator for the National Action Network.
  • The New York Police Department has routinely invited Iesha Sekou to address its new recruits on community respect and interaction.
  • Iesha Sekou is a member of the New York State Department of Education Blue Ribbon committee to create policy and propose legislation to ensure the success of African-American and Latino males in the public school system.
  • Iesha Sekou was appointed as a special representative to the United Nations on community policing.
  • Iesha’s career has included extensive work in developing pathways to meaningful employment for populations historically marginalized from the workplace.She has developed workshops that inspire participants to understand the power of their own talents and inner-drive.
  • Iesha’s persuasive personality and unique skill for motivating at-risk-youth, has proved invaluable in successfully turning many, who would have otherwise been deemed irrecoverable, into conscious, law-abiding young adults.

“We must give young people an outlet to redirect their energy,” is what you can hear her say on any given day. In conjunction with Harlem Renaissance High School, the Street Corner Resources I AM Peace studio was erected.  It has become a safe-haven where young people go to discuss everyday issues that constantly plague inner-city youth. The studio also serves as a place for youth to safely gather and create positive peace inspired music.

Iesha is documented in Columbia University’s Activist Women Voices, highlighting her work with young women and her efforts to assist them in avoiding teen pregnancy while acquiring a better self-image.

She is also the host of Street Corner Resources LIVE, a community affairs radio show which airs every Monday from 8-9 a.m. on WHCR 90.3 FM.

In her down time, Iesha enjoys reading a good book, writing, listening to music, traveling and talking with elders in the community.  She is originally from the South Bronx and has lived in Harlem for the past 30 years.